Who’s this guy, anyway?

Well, actually this site is supposed to showcase mainly my design work and should speak for itself, but if you must know absolutely – let’s start the shameless self promotion: I am a versatile and experienced creative, whose passion for images and sounds is the driving force for his work. This includes creating animations, trailers, movie titles and visuals as well as designing logos and graphics. My enthusiasm for all visual aspects is obvious in my photographic work that focuses on architecture and landscape. My sense of composition and rhythm, as well as my conceptual and interdisciplinary thinking, are distinctive for me as a designer. My broad experience, skills and interests make me „a secret weapon“, to quote a client, in finding solutions for not only design problems.

I first got in touch with digital postproduction in the early 90s through an internship at Das Werk in Frankfurt am Main during my studies of visual communications at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. From that on I worked there regularly as a digital artist on various projects including the ZDF broadcast redesign by Razorfish. With the change to the Hochschule der Künste Berlin I freelanced in various projects for example for Siemens, Expo 2000, Transmediale and Documenta X. After graduating in experimental media design I founded – gesellschaft für geschmacksfragen in 2001. Since then I have worked as graphic and motion designer on projects for clients such as Volkswagen, Tchibo, DHL and Samsung as well as media productions and agencies such as
Triad, Time:code:media, atelier doppelpunkt and Exelution.

When I’m not busy inventing new jam creations, being annoyed about my tax return or pimping old bikes, I’m wasting my time experimenting on strange audiovisual machines down in my workshop – also known as the world famous »Elektrikantenstadel«.

For those who are still not bored yet – here are some of my photographs

I’m also wasting my time on tumblr